World Series Itinerary

2018 Tentative Itinerary

July 2, 2017 - Rangers Ticket pick-up will be from noon - 6pm. This will be the only scheduled time.  If you tickets are not picked up there is on guarantee USSSA staff can make other arrangements.

USSSA Address:
417A Lillard Rd.
Arlington, TX 76012

July 3, 2018 (UDPATE) -Team Check-In, Skills and Drills and Rangers Game.

Check in, Coach's Meeting and Skills Comp. will take place at
Breckenridge Park, Richardson, TX

  • 8:30am - MANDATORY COACH'S MEETING -  We will be doing a roll call.  Team that are a NO-SHOW will not receive their coach's passes.  We will discuss and clarify several rules and give you the "breakdown" on how the weeks will carry forward. (45min - 1hr)
  • 9:30am - Skills and Drills.  TEAM DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR A TIME.  We conduct our skills competition all at one time with each event happening simultaneously of separate fields. (1hr - 1.5hr)
  • 8:30am - Noon - Check-in -  We will have check-in staff available during the Skills Competition to check teams in.  Regular team check-in will be "officially" handled on July 2nd; however, if you need to clear up outstanding roster issues, this will your last opportunity. EACH TEAM MUST BE CLEARED BEFORE THEIR FIRST POOL GAME.

Additional Information:  Rangers parade line up will be at 5pm at the stadium near third base dugout entrance (subject to change). You must purchase tickets through tournament to participate in this.

July 4, 2018 - Pool Play (most teams play 2 games)  All teams must be available to play at 8am.

July 5, 2018 - Pool Play finishes and Bracket Play may begin.

July 6, 2018 - Bracket Play Continues

July 7, 2018- Bracket Play continues

July 8, 2018- Bracket Play finishes.

July 9, 2018 - Rain out day.  Every effort will be made to finish on July 8 or earlier. This day will only be used if July 8 is a complete rain out. If no other adjustments can be made to finish on the 8th, the event will be finished on the 9th.